Expanding Gate (Model M)

All Model M Series Gate Valves are profiled after the original WKM Model M Gate Valve. All dimensions interchange parts. The Model M Series Gate Valve utilizes a "Packing Injection Fitting" in the bonnet assembly to provide an injectionable stem packing to the stem seal area while under pressure. The Model M Series Gate Valve is offered in both cast & forged body.

Model M 2,000 - 3,000 - 5,000 lb. W.P.
2 1/16" - 2 9/16" - 3 1/8" - 4 1/16" - 5 1/8"
Expanding Gate (Hadwheel Operated)

Model M Expanding Gate Valve
Model M Expanding Gate Valve Assembly Bill of Materials
Model M Expanding Gate Valve Specifications Diagram
Model M Expanding Gate Valve Specifications


The Model MEG is the Model M Series of Gate Valves utilizing the Expanding Gate (Hence-EG). The Expanding Gate is a mechanical open and close wedge gate action, closing the gate against the seat on the upstream and downstream achieving a seal on both the upstream and downstream seat. This is advantageous when trying to accomplish a positive seal under low pressure and high pressure situations. This Model is considered a directional valve since the segment (Minor) side of the two pieces expanding wedge gate faces the upstream side and the gate (Major) with the threaded neck and stem interface the downstream side.

Model M Expanding Gate Valve Handwheel Torque

For low temperature applications, we use Valveworks USA proprietary valve lubricant (SAM-4012B).It is black in appearance and has a service temperature range of -75°F to 250°F.

All dimensions in inches, weights in lbs. If dimensions/weights are critical, please consult factory. Valveworks USA reserves the right to alter designs and specifications without notice.

Last Updated: 08/14/2013