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Gate Valve Models, Full Bore, Through Conduit

All Valveworks USA Model Gate Valves utilize the most common and proven interchangeable valve parts in the industry. These include the Models M and FC. This allows the user easy access to replacement parts at the most competitive prices. All Valveworks USA Model Gate Valve replacement parts are standard stock products available for immediate delivery in most cases.

Valveworks USA makes available to the industry many Gate Valve replacement parts which are outside the Valveworks Gate Valve Line. Manufacturing is available for any part required via customer requirement.

Model M Series

Model M Series Gate Valves are profiled after the original WKM Model M Gate Valve. All dimensions interchange with the Model M Series of interchangeable parts. The Model M Series Gate Valve utilizes a "Packing Injection Fitting" in the Bonnet Assembly to provide an injectionable stem packing to the stem seal area while under pressure. The Model M Series Gate Valve line is a cast body line.

Model MEG

The Model MEG is the Model M Series of Gate Valve utilizing the expanding gate (hence - EG). The expanding gate is a mechanical open and close wedge gate action, closing the gate against the seat on the upstream and down stream achieving a seal on both the upstream and downstream seat. This is advantageous when trying to accomplish a positive seal under low pressure and high pressure situations. This model is considered a directional valve since the segment (minor) side of the two piece expanding wedge gate faces the upstream side and the gate (major) with the threaded neck and stem interface faces the downstream side.

Model MSG

The Model MSG (Slab Gate - hence Model SG) is dimensionally the same as the Model M, except it utilizes the slab gate which is preferred for manifold and frac applications. The slab gate is a bidirectional gate valve sealing on the downstream gate to seat when placed in the flow steam facing in either direction. The slab gate requires pressure from upstream to force the seal of the gate against the downstream seat.

Model MRC

The Model MRC forged body line is the Model M Gate Valve with a round cavity (centrifugal) internal body as required for production for the Model M Gate Valve in the forged line. The Model MRC incorporates the exact same dimensions as the Model M, except the Model MRC utilizes an extended round cavity seat to extend the body to the gate seal. The forged line is available for the PSL 3 (Product Specification Level 3), which requires a forged body versus the cast body.

Model MRC-EG

The Model M RC (Round Cavity) Forged Body, with the expanding gate.

Model MRC-SG

The Model M RC (Round Cavity) Forged Body, with the slab gate.

Model MSG-BS

This Model MSG (Slab Gate) BS (Ball Screw) is designed for the 7 1/16" 5000 WP Gate Valve to reduce the number of turns required by 1/2 and the operating torque by 1/2 as compared to the handwheel operation. This model utilizes a lower bonnet and balance stem. The Ball Screw is the same heavy duty USA made Ball Screw as used in the Valveworks 10M and 15M Gate Valves.

Model FC

Model FC Series Gate Valves are profiled after the original Model FC. All dimensions interchange with the original Model FC. The Model FC is a Slab Gate Valve, bidirectional, which incorporates a backseating stem to isolate the valve pressure from the stem seal area.

Model FM1

Model FM1, formerly referred to as the Model VW-SB1540 BS; is a design developed for the extreme service of the 7 1/16" 10M and 7 1/16" 15M and 20,000 lb WP Valve requirements. This model utilizes a ball screw operator which reduces the number of turns in half and the operating torque in half from the original handwheel operation. The Model FM1 is a slab gate profile similar to the original WKM Model M1, utilizing a lower bonnet and balance stem. The Ball Screw in this model is a USA made heavy duty ball screw as required to handle the extreme loads created by the large valve bore and pressures. This model Gate Valve is available in the flanged end style or the studded body style.

Model FM2

Model FM2, formerly referred to as the Model VWSR, is a similar functioning valve as the Model FC, except the dimensions and design are not related to the Model FC. The valve design utilizes a tee slotted thick heavy duty gate, with double bonnet balance stem. The FM2 model valve is utilized for the 4 1/16" 15M Gate Valve.

Model FM3

Model FM3, formerly referred to as Models F57 and VW-F57, are very similar and compatible in design to the FC, FL and FLS models. All utilize a slab gate and balance stem. The Model FM3 is utilized for the sizes 5 1/8: 10M - Ball Screw; 5 1/16" 15M - Ball Screw and the 3 1/16" 15M.

Model FM4

Model FM4 replaces the former 7/16" 2-3-5M Gate Valve Models M and MSG, since this model Gate Valve utilizes all dimensions designed by Valveworks USA and do not interchange with the WKM Model M; but is very similar in style.

Note: (-R) after the valve model referes to the use of a reverse acting gate in place of a direct operating gate. The reversal of the ball screw with a reverse acting gate operating identical to the standard direct operating gate. In some cases a reverse acting gate is required in order to utilize a balance stem when a lower gate neck is not available, as with the Model FM4 - 7 1/16" 2-3-5M.

Note: The FM Models of Gate Valves also replace any of the former models referred to as VWFC which has the same functionality of the Model FC accept Valveworks has altered some of the original dimensions of the Model FC for accessibility.

Note: Models which have an optional ball screw, such as the 7 1/16" 5M, will be designated by a (BS) after the model.


All Valveworks USA valve models are available as actuated utilizing the Diaphragm Pneumatic Actuator, Piston Actuator, Hydraulic Single Reverse Acting Safety, Hydraulic Double Acting - Reverse or Direct Acting.

Prepped for Actuation

All Valveworks USA valve models are available prepped for any actuation of choice.