Valveworks USA now offers Hardfacing services using HVOF products that produce the industry's most advanced coating solutions. Our systems are refined and optimized to produce the best coatings possible at exceptional production rates. By generating extremely high particle velocity, our equipment yields coatings recognized throughout the Thermal Spray industry for their density and superior performance. Valveworks USA has a complete system that delivers outstanding value!

Coating Quality is #1

Nothing is more important in an HVOF system than the quality of the coating it produces. The JP-5000 system has been developed and refined to produce the absolute best coating quality. A basic rule of coating quality is: High Combustion Pressure = High Gas velocity = High Particle Velocity = High Coating Quality. The Model 5220 gun is the embodiment of this rule: it has an exceptionally high combustion pressure, so it delivers consistently high quality coatings. A key benefit to the high particle velocities generated by the model 5220 gun is the extremely high coating density and low oxide content. Low oxide content is simply due to the particles having less time in the atmosphere to oxidize. The high velocity also packs the particles more tightly reducing porosity and creating a denser coating. This is especially beneficial in corrosion resistance applications where a denser barrier is needed and when grinding, where high density coatings produce a finer finish. Independent laboratory tests have shown that HVOF coatings (Tungsten Carbide and Cobalt) have a superior wear resistance-in some cases one-third the wear of alternate coating methods.

In addition to outstanding coating quality, Valveworks hardfacing service delivers a significant productivity advantage, with spray rates up to two times higher than conventional gaseous-fueled HVOF systems. The ability to apply more coating in less time reduces coating costs and increases the range of competitive coating solutions.

Valveworks Hardfacing equipment produces coatings of the highest quality.

Coating benefits include:

  • High and controllable coating density and hardness
  • High bond strength (test adhesive fails before coating)
  • Coating thickness up to 1/2" (12.7 mm)
  • Smoother as-sprayed finish