Wholesale Valve Repair & Recertification Division

At Valveworks USA, customer service, satisfaction and quality are our top priorities. Therefore, we have added this valve recertification division to our business structure. At Valveworks USA there are experienced, highly trained valve repair technicians with the capability to diagnose, repair, test, lubricate, and fully re-certify customer property valves. We have wholesale repair, re-certification, and maintenance programs in place with some of the leading wellhead and service companies in the world. Valveworks USA's Parts Division makes it top priority to have replacement valve parts for all of our models of valves in stock to ensure that turn-around time on valve repair / recertification is minimal.

We have inhouse HVOF Tungsten Carbide system in place that allows us to apply hardface coatings to both our new gates and seats, as well as to repair customer property valve parts to facilitate the timely, high-quality recertification process. With the increased demands for quality in the oil & gas exploration and production industry, Valveworks USA is working diligently to be the Industry leader when it comes to quality and timely deliveries. We understand the importance of high quality valves and wellhead components in the field, and that is why we have a complete infrastructure in place to accommodate our valve repair and recertification division.