Slab Gate (Model FC)

The Model FC is a Slab Gate Valve, bidirectional, which incorporates a backseating stem to isolate the valve pressure from the stem seal area.

All Valveworks USA Model Gate valves utilize the most common and proven interchangeable valve parts in the industry. These include the Models M and FC. This allows the user easy access to replacement parts at the most competitive prices. All Valveworks USA Model Gate Valve replacement parts are standard stock products available for immediate delivery in most cases. Valveworks USA makes available to the industry many gate valve replacement parts which are outside the Valveworks Gate Valve Line.

For low temperature applications, we use Valveworks USA proprietary valve lubricant (SAM-4012B). It is black in appearance and has a service temperature range of -75°F to 250°F.

All dimensions in inches, weights in lbs. If dimensions/weights are critical, please consult factory. Valveworks USA reserves the right to alter designs and specifications without notice.

* This model of VW Model FC valve requires 318VW-8340 Bonnet seal ring which is not interchangable.
* The 3 1/16″ 15K Model FC style valve is referred to as 3 1/16″ 15K Valveworks Model FM3 valve.

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